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Training at Spartan

What do we do?

We specialize in kettlebell training, power lifting, other types of weight lifting, and functional training in general.

We offer group classes and personal training.


Who is it for?

EVERYONE! You are welcome at Spartan, regardless of gender, age, training background and body shape.

Everyone can train, and our competent staff will help you to find a level that suits you.

Do I need to train a bit before joining your classes?

No, for the love of...!!!! Just no.

There is absolutely no need to 'prepare' yourself to come and train with us in any other way than to put on your training clothes and get your patata down to the Spartan den.

This is where you start training! No one will make fun of you or make you feel lesser than anyone else for being a newbie.

We've all been new to this at some point, and we are all there for our very own reasons and we are working out for ourselves, and no one else.

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