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Team Spartan

All instructors that work at Spartan are there because they are nice and friendly people, that will make you feel welcome, secure and motivated during our classes. On top of this they are all of course educated fitness instructors. All Spartans Instructors are specilized in kettlebell training, either hard style, kettlebell sports style or both, but have qualifications in other things as well, such as nutrition, weight lifting, club bells, pilates etc.

Linnea Vähä & Maja Vähä


Sisters Maja and Linnea Vähä run Spartan Strength and Fitness Malta together. Maja started developing the  concept and holding kettlebell classes on the beaches of Malta back in 2013, brought Linnea with her on the train, and the rest is history.

Both Maja and Linnea actively work at Spartan and hold the majority of the classes, as well as conduct a lot personal training.

They are both qualified in several types of kettlebell training, personal training, weight lifting and more.

Team Spartan


Our team of instructors is a international bunch of awesome people. All lovers of training in general, and kettlebells in particular.

More info to come on each instructor.

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