Name: Be the boss of the bel


Type of program: An advanced kettlebell program focusing on flows, complexes and other technical challenges.


Focus: To combine different exercises into flows and combinations, challenge your coordination, technique and stamina and to simply have fun with the bells, and to open your mind for what you can do when it comes to kettlebell training.

Length of program: 3 sessions/week over 6 weeks. 18 sessions in total.

Equipment needed: At least two kettlebells of the same weight and shape, but the more weigths you have the more you will get out of these workouts.

Level: Intermediate to advanced. You need to have experience training with kettlebells and be confident with all the fundamental lifts such as swing, snatch, press, clean and turkish getup.

Price: €35/349SEK

Format: Pdf

Be the boss of the bell - ADVANCED