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Online Training

How can you train with us online?

In this day and age it is more relevant than ever to discover ways to train/get trained in alternative ways. We do our very best to offer you ways to get that Spartan feeling virtually as well.

Online Group Training via Zoom

We started offering online classes via Zoom during our lockdown in Malta, but found it both fun and  good alternative if you can't make it to our gym physically, so we will continue with them for the time being. Anyone can join our Zoom classes, member of the gym or not.

Cost? €5 that can be paid via Revolut, Swish or Paypal.

The current schedule for open Zoom classes is:

Monday 11.00

Tuesday 12.15

Wednesday 11.00

Thursday 12.15

Friday 11.00

Send us a message here or on any of our social medias or email if you want to join. All you need is a kettlebell.


Online Personal Training

We offer online personal training. You let us know what equipment and space you have at hand, what you would like to work on/focus on as well if you have any possible limitations or injuries, and we will send you tailored workouts. We can either send them on demand, or you can chose specific days and times to receive them.

We send the workouts in a written format together with a video explanation via your social media of choice.

Home training programs

We have created a selection of training programs one can do at home or at a gym. This way you can still do your typical Spartan style workout in the comfort of your home or your local gym wherever in the world you are. Check out all our programs to see which one suits you best.

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