We're currently offering one course concept; Kettlebell Instructor. See details below.

Next course dates:

Thursday and Friday 20/21 October, 09:00 - 17:00.

at Spartan Kettlebells Malta, St Julians, MALTA.

To sign up/ask questions, email



Length: 2 days 9-17, with breaks and lunch break

Price: €300 (€100 non-refundable but transferrable deposit)

Requirements: None except for love of kettlebell training.

Good to have: Basic anatomy and training knowledge and some experience with kettlebell training.

The focus of the Spartan Kettlebell Instructor course is for participants to get an understanding of different types of kettlebell training and what a diverse training tool the kettlebell really is. We are not bound to any particular school or style of kettlebell training, instead we do a mix of hard style, kettlebell sports style as well as some juggling and a lot of different flows to create fun and challenging classes and workouts.

We think that the most important skill to acquire if you want to hold classes and teach others how to train with kettlebells, is the skill of TEACHING. How do you transfer your own skills and technique knowledge to others, and how and when do you adapt exercises to make it work for all participants?

Also, we think that an essential skill for creating and holding fun sessions and being a good instructor is creativity, and ability to think outside the box. This is also something that the course will focus a lot on.

We will basically give you skills and motivation to share your passion for kettlebells with others.

What you can expect to get out of this course:

  • Technique drilling of a variety of kettlebell exercises, not only the fundamental kettlebell exercises but many, many variations of each base move. We will give you an online exercise bank to help you remember the exercises and to use when coming up with classes and sessions in the future.

  • Teaching skills and useful keys for how to teach others to train with kettlebells. We will also focus on spotting poor technique and how to address that.

  • Class and session planning. You will learn how to create fun and creative classes and workouts both for yourself and others.

  • Creating flows and complexes. You will learn how to come up with fun exercise combinations with kettebells.

  • A lot of fun! We will drill, practice and train together in a fun, motivational and un-pretentious way.


We also promise no awkward or embarrassing situations for anyone.

You will of course get a diploma for attending the course.


What we don’t do:

  • Technique test. We will drill, practice and maybe perfect your technique throughout the course, but we know that this is a work in progress, and that many of you will go home and keep working on your kettlebell skills afterwards. Also, our course is not focusing on YOU having perfect technique, it’s focusing on how to learn how to teach others and how to come up with fun training concepts.

  • Written test. We see no need for any written tests for this very practical course. There will be no pass or fail for this course, what you get out of it is the knowledge you gain.

  • Anatomy or extensive theory parts. We will talk about the body, different muscles etc, so everything will be easier to understand if you have a basic knowledge of anatomy, or even previous fitness instructor courses behind you, but we will not exclude those who are not already working, or wants to work, in the fitness industry by requiring previous knowledge or certificates.


The exercises will you learn:

Deadlift variations

Swing variations

Press variations

Clean and rack

Squats and lunges





After this course you will have:

  • A fundamental knowledge of what you can do with a kettlebell.

  • An exercise bank of kettlebell exercises.

  • Ways of teaching all the basic kettlebell exercises to people of all fitness levels.

  • A good knowledge of how to design your own kettlebell sessions.

  • A diploma showing that you took part of and completed this course


Is this course recognized internationally/by any governing body?

No, since this is not a course to become a personal trainer or a fitness instructor, or to get a licence to work in the fitness industry, it is not a course that can be recognized in that way.

Also, since we do not follow any specific school or style of kettlebell training, there simply is no association or governing body to do this.

If you are already a personal trainer or a fitness instructor this will however be an excellent addition to your qualifications, and it will give you very unique knowledge in kettlebell training.

Will this give me a job as a kettlebell instructor?

It totally depends on where you want to work and what kind of qualifications they require. Many gyms require that you have a Fitness instructor/Group training licence, or even a personal training licence, which means that you have done and passed all your theoretical and practical tests, and that you have a good knowledge of how the body works. Others will recruit based on your knowledge about kettlebell training specifically.

If you want to work specifically as a kettlebell instructor, we recommend that you acquire either a PT licence, or a fitness instructor licence, which are usually quite long and requires a fair bit of studying, and then take shorter courses (like this one) on the areas that you are interested in and want to specialise in.  But that can be done in any order.

What we can guarantee you from this course is that you will get a good technical and teaching knowledge within the world of kettlebells.

How do I sign up?

Sign up either in our app Glofox (find Spartan Kettlebells Malta and go to Courses) or by sending an email to The maximum number of participants per course is 12. You will need to secure your spot by paying a deposit of €100. This deposit is not refundable if you change your mind, but transferrable to another course date, or to another person. This can be paid via bank transfer, PayPal or Swish.

If you have any questions, send us an email.