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Lots of different classes

We have a vast weekly selection of classes, and no, not only kettlebells. We use kettlebells a lot, and of course some classes are only kettlebells,  but most of them are mixed equipment. Some are only barbells and some are only bodyweight. Lots to chose from, in other words.


Current time table

Below you can see the time table, with reservation for changes sometimes.
To see exactly what it happening in terms of Open gym and other sessions can always be seen up to date on our booking app Glofox.




Kettlebell Classic.

Pure kettlebell training focusing on the traditional kb lifts like swing, snatch, clean, press and turkish getups.

We are not bound to a certain kettlebell style, but mix both hard style and fluid style.


Barbell MIX.
A class with mixed equipment, but ALWAYS barbells involved. Always a full body workout, with a bit of strength work and a bit of cardio.


Kettlebell MIX.

A class where we mix kettlebells, barbells, bodyweight exercises and other functional training elements.

Always high intensity, and always a full body workout.


The highest intensisty class we have. A long grinder of a workout consisting of many different exercises and many different reps of each.  Various equipment used.


Back squat. Bench press. Deadlift.

As easy and as hard as that.

Perfect these lifts and become as strong as you can in them.


A class where we focus on Olympic lifting, power lifting, strongman/woman stuff as well as supporting lifts with barbells, dumbbells and more.

Emphasis is on technique and form, not intensity.

Spartan MAMA

Classes for pre- and post pregnancy. Mums can bring their babies and kids of any age with them to the class. The workouts are for the mum, but kids can join to play/hang out on the side.


KB MIX online via Zoom. You need to have at least  one kettlebell (or dumbbell) and a bit of space to train in.

Bookings for Zoom classes  are also done in Glofox, and the link (which is the same every time) is sent from Glofox in the booking email.


How do I start?

First class is free!

We have a booking system called Glofox (an app) which you need to download and sign up in as a regular, however for you first trial class you can just send us a message, either on the phone, or any of our social medias or by email, and let us know when you want to come and try. And then we take it from there.


What class should I start with?

This, of course, depends on your previous training experience and background, but in general it's a good thing to start with either KB CLASSIC or KB MIX.

If you have experience training with kettlebells specifically and you like it - definitely KB CLASSIC, If you want to learn more kettlebell technique - also KB CLASSIC.

If you want to try a bit of everything - go for a KB MIX.

Unless you have a bit of experience with functional training such as crossfit etc, wait with the CHIPPER sessions for a bit.

Also know that regardless of what class you come for, our Spartan instructors  will help you with alternative exercises if needed, and you can always do the session on your own terms and to your own abilitiy.

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