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You friendly kettlebell sisters since 2014

Spartan Fitness is operated and run by Swedish sisters and kettlebell (and all training really) lovers Maja Vähä and Linnea Vähä. They have built the business from scratch, starting in 2014.

What started with classes on the beach for friends in 2013, is now a full time operation including classes ranging from pure kettlebell traning to powerlifting competition training, personal training, instructor courses, online training programs and more.

What is this training good for?

Everything that we do at Spartan falls within the frame of functional training, which basically means that we try to move the body in a lot of different ways that will be useful in real life as well. Lots of lifting of course, of weights as well as your own body, a bit of running, skipping and juming, and everything else in between.

To cut it short - it's just good training for the whole body, and we try out best to make it fun as well, so that you want to come back for more.

Kettlebells and more

We specialize in kettlebell training, and we can confidently say that we are pretty freaking good at it too. We are not bound to a specific kettlebell style, such hard style or kettlebell sport. Instead we do a mix of everything, with a big portion of our own touch.


Howver, as much as we love our kettlebells, we're also in to other types of training. So we use barbells, clubbells and all the stuff you'd expect to find in a typical functional training gym. Think pullup bars, dumbbells,plyo boxes and medicine balls. We also love power lifting and have our own Spartan power lifting team.

Atmosphere is everything

We pride ourselves in having created a space and an enviroment in which people feel welcome, included and motivated. Everybody is welcome, regardless of current state, training background, body shape or age.

We keep a friendly atmosphere and fpcus on having fun together and boosting each other. No body hate talk, directed to oneself, nor others is allowed at Spartan.

Come and join the fun!

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